Moonstruck Cobra Adjustable Camera Wrist Strap

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This handmade Paracord Wrist Strap is specially designed to stay completely secured with just a slide of the cord lock on your wrist without fear of any accidental drops.

The bracelet opens up around your wrist for a secure fit and tightens with a slide of the cord lock.

Great thing about this comfortable camera trap is that you have a few options on using it. You can use our triangle key ring or if you camera has a key ring, then you can just loop the end of the strap and you're ready to go. And it can be used for any item that can be clipped on to. You can keep your digital camera, Wii remote, flashlights, weapons, or any precious electronics or equipment safe in your hands while looking cool with the strap protecting it.
Please note: Our safety straps provide emergency protection for your camera or any electronic device while in use if they were to slip from your hands. Although these straps can take a lot of weight, we do not recommend excessive swinging and dangling just for fun as in time the attachments such as metal clips, key rings, and D-rings can become weak and unstable over time. Please be aware of any wear and tear of your camera strap before each use. We are not responsible for damages to your equipment.

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