Dayglow Camo Fish Hook Bracelet/Anklet

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These fish hook paracord bracelets come in over 200 patterns and are handmade by me, fully adjustable to fit you just right. Whether you want a tight bracelet or a loose one, you can have it with this bracelet. Fish hook bracelet will wrap around your wrist twice if you have a big wrist, possibly 3 times if you have a tiny wrist, but default is 2 times. :) Although the bracelet is a double wrap, it will appear to look like a triple wrap as in photos.

Paracord fish hook bracelet can be worn as an anklet as well.
They are made of the highest quality paracord 550, made in the USA. All my paracord is 7 strand 100% nylon. The fish hook are silver plated. I have many other colors and designs so please feel free to look around.

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